Nutrition counseling testimonials

"I’m a firm believer that the right people step into our lives when we’re ready to learn from them. That’s exactly what had happened to me- I had become miserable with my work/life balance and the never ending commute that left me with 40 extra lbs and a lower than low self-love. I stumbled upon Anna and boy am I forever grateful I did. She is one of those people that brightens the room when she enters and makes you feel heard and important. As great as she is as a person, she’s also very knowledgeable in nutrition and whole body wellness. Our calls every week were informative yet easy to follow and I learned so much. I often forgot she probably has many other clients because her approach was so personal and I never felt like I’ve been left to fend for myself until our next call. After 3 months I’ve lost 20+ inches from my whole body, look and feel healthier and have completely changed my direction from binge-dieting to a balanced, happy relationship with food and myself. I’ve recommended her to every friend/acquaintance that may benefit from a nutrition program and will gladly keep doing so. 

Anna, thanks for everything you helped me gain and lose ;) 


Liis- Childcare provider.

"I contacted Anna Frumkin N.C. while researching holistic alternatives to gain more energy and reduce my high triglycerides. Anna was not only knowledgeable but also compassionate, which helps when presented with a lifestyle change at a transformative age. I signed up for a discovery call and received beneficial information; I knew I was in good hands! Anna was able to complete an in-depth assessment of my current diet and lifestyle, as well as a create a customized meal plan tailored to my specific health needs. The recipes she gave me were delicious and the ongoing email support throughout the 90 day program really helped me feel supported! I have since recommended Anna to friends, family and colleagues. She knows how to create results. My triglyceride levels are down and I have more energy then I have had in years! Thank you Anna for making my transition an exciting and delicious one!"

 -Alicia Jolly, Nanny & Full-Time Student UCSC

"I thought I had a grasp on my knowledge in nutrition but after spending my time with Anna, I realized how much more I had to learn. 
It was inspiring and she gave me resources I needed to be successful for the rest of my life. 
I not only lost 17 pounds during my 90-day program, 
I learned how to control what I used to call
“emotional eating”, 
I also realized that I really do get to eat the foods that I love and feel amazing about myself, and I gained a ton of new recipes that are super tasty and extremely easy to make.  
Throughout the 90 days, my time became more precious with Anna as I looked forward to every session I had scheduled. 
I became more aware of myself and couldn’t be happier to have had the transcendent experience I did.  
Anna is genuine, uplifting, and as authentic as you will ever find. 
I felt like I knew her my entire life after spending the first 45 minutes with her.  
Thank you, 
Anna for helping me bring the passion back into my life for myself!!"

 -Lacey Mendoza, District Manager at Starbucks

"Never before have I been coached so well on eating healthy! Anna is a certified holistic nutritionist and is passionate about helping her clients manage stress and creating total wellness. She is a real "partner in crime". At the heart of her practice is a desire to coach on whole foods and ingredients that balance your mind and body, the word "diet" is not in her vocabulary. I just finished her RESET PROGRAM and really enjoyed having a customized meal plan, full of delicious recipes that balanced my energy and blood sugar. She is amazing and works virtually to suit your busy schedule. I highly recommend her nutrition services.  I promise it will feed you (and your skin) from the inside out".

-Jen Valdivia , licensed esthetician & owner of JV Skin & Beauty