I am a holistic nutritionist and this is how I eat mindfully during the day

What image comes up when you think of diet culture? Is it restriction? Perfectionism? During my time as a nutritionist for almost a decade, I have been pursuing eating in such a way that does not adhere to restriction or main stream diet culture. As a nutritionist, I keep my clients accountable whether it is supporting them through a diagnosis where food can act as medicine or being there for them when they want to 

“ throw in the towel”. How have I been able to do this?

Two words, mindfulness + nutritional science. 

When we start to understand that every single human requires a different level of nutrients and has a completely different biological and genetic makeup then we realize that one-size dietary solutions do not work, sorry aunts and best friends low carb or plant-based is not for everyone, and that is OK. :) 

By understanding hunger cues, as well as the intention around food preferences/choices we can teach ourselves how to incorporate mindful eating that is specific to our needs and lifestyles. 

Before Breakfast: 

I drink 16oz of water when rising and make it a goal to drink at least 2-3L throughout the day. 

I write down my intentions for the day and meditate for 15 minutes on what I am grateful for. Research out of UC Davis and other universities have noted that focusing on gratitude first thing in the morning, can reduce stress, anxiety and even improve blood pressure, cholesterol levels as well as support an individual's mood throughout the day.


Starting the day with a delicious and nutrient-dense breakfast can establish how the day will go from a nutritional and even psychological perspective. For example, if I do not eat enough fiber, complex carbohydrates with an adequate amount of protein, I may feel a surge in sugar/ carb cravings, later on, no thank you!

My #nourishing3™️ "Nourish with Anna" blood sugar balancing smoothie, which contains protein, healthy fats, fiber is my “go-to” to support my body in receiving adequate macro and micronutrients. 

Mindfulness tip* 

Chew your smoothie- did you know that you can absorb more nutrition by thoroughly chewing your meals? I know it may sound obvious, but in this fast-paced culture that we live in, it is important to remember to thoroughly chew your food as your mouth is where digestion starts. Completely breaking down your food and making it easier for your body to digest and assimilate essential nutrients is vital in order to get what you need from the foods you are consuming.


I love meals that are delicious, good for you, and do not take a lot of time to make. I love taking brown rice or cassava flour wrap and adding in my favorite vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats, and making a nutrient-dense wrap. 

Mindfulness tip* 

Take a pause to reflect on what it took for the meal/ ingredients to get to you. Take a moment to thank the individuals who picked the vegetables, packaged your food, and brought it to your convenient grocery store. By taking this pause, we step back into gratitude and appreciation which puts us in a parasympathetic calm nervous system to better digest our food, your organs will thank you. 


I am a huge fan of sheet pan meals, they are simple and satisfying. A go-to for my family is salmon, asparagus, and baby red or gold potatoes. 

Mindfulness tip* 

While preparing, serving, and eating your food pay attention to the colors and smells. Enjoy the textures, flavors and allow yourself to be in the moment without the distraction of technology, televisions, or computers.

This is a balancing way of eating that is only recommended as long as there's no damage to the individual's metabolism. It is composed generally of 20% of calories from protein, 30% from fat, and 50% from carbohydrates. Remember, it's important to be mindful that this percentage breakdown is not one size fits all and will not work for everyone since everyone's body is different and unique.

Sweet tooth:

I believe in food freedom, and there is nothing wrong with a sweet tooth as long as we can create harmony and balance. Some wonderful options that I love are dark chocolate with my favorite and nuts such as cashews, Adaptogenic mushroom Rich hot chocolate, or homemade almond butter dark chocolate cups. 

Are you ready to feel good? 

Have more food freedom? 

Feel less confused and restrictive around what you eat?

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Anna Frumkin, Your Mindful Nutritionist