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Masha Lisitsa

Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFT

Masha Lisitsa is an incredible therapist in the San Francisco, Bay Area who I work closely with.

If you're struggling with anxiety, depression, feeling stuck, burnt-out, or giving more than you are getting in your relationships, these are signs telling you it's time for a change. I work with clients that want to shift painful patterns such co-dependency, poor boundaries, self-criticism, difficulty with intimate relationships, or a high stress lifestyle. Check her out here.

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Dr. Neverov-Krstic


Dr. Viktoriya is not only my business partner at Rituals + Alchemy, where we create healing + delicious adaptogenic blends, but she is also an incredible acupuncturist. She holds a Master's and Doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine from San Francisco's ACTCM. Because of her strong background in bodywork, she has a lot of success with pain management, everything from neck pain and low back pain to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Check her out here.

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Dr. Danli


Dr. Danli has been in private practice since 1999, specializing in comprehensive, individualized, hands-on care for musculoskeletal conditions and injuries related to athletics, work, automobile accidents, and stress. Her balanced approach to health and wellness combines the healing principles of chiropractic wellness and yoga. She offers comprehensive assessment and treatment of the multiple components of acute and chronic injuries, including skeletal, neurologic, orthopedic, muscular, myofascial, ergonomic, biomechanical, and stress-induced. She utilizes as appropriate, advanced techniques of Chiropractic, spinal and extremity osseous adjustments, low force adjustments, mobilizitation techniques, physiotherapy modalities, deep tissue therapy, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular rehabilitation, and exercise therapy. Check her out here.